Monday, October 31, 2005

monitoring cell trafficking

"The ability to noninvasively monitor cell trafficking in vivo in a longitudinal fashion is a pressing need for emerging cellular therapeutic strategies."

In vivo imaging platform for tracking immunotherapeutic cells, Eric T Ahrens1, Rafael Flores2, Hongyan Xu1 & Penelope A Morel2
Nature Biotechnology 23, 983 - 987 (2005)

In this article the monitoring of cells in mice is tracked by fluorine MRI using a fluorinated crown ether. Cells need to be tracked in immunotherapy.

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Near Infrared Dyes

"There is a pressing need for the identification of newer,
more effective dyes that absorb and emit in the NIR region"

Conformationally Restricted Aza-Bodipy: A Highly Fluorescent, Stable, Near-Infrared-Absorbing Dye, Angewante Chemie International Edition Volume 44, Issue 11 , Pages 1677 - 1679 Weili Zhao, Dr., Erick M. Carreira, Prof. Dr.

NIR (Near InfraRed Dyes) 700-1100 nm are useful as biological sensors because of low background absorption, low scattering and cheap illumination sources. This paper describes the synthesis of a boron based dye but does not yet have a hook to attach another moiety. The criterion for success is based on a simple spectroscopic measurement.

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antimalarial compounds

"there is a pressing need for identifying and developing new drug-based antimalarial therapies" from J. Chem. Inf. Model., 45 (4), 1082 -1100, 2005.

This paper discovers new antimaliarial compounds using computation then confirms with synthesis. The compound effectiveness is measured in vitro against the parasite.

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