Friday, July 29, 2005

sample search phrases

What we are trying to do here is identify specific problems and objectives in chemistry, as stated by researchers in their articles. Lets let people (and hopefully at some point bots) comment on these problems. Partial suggestions are encouraged, the more specific the better.

I have used the following phrases in Google Scholar or Scirus to generate some results, an example of which is found in the previous post. Mmake sure to add quotation marks to search for exact phrase matches and search the recent (1-2years) literature. If you find search phrases that work well please post them in this blog.

what is needed now
what is missing is
there is a pressing need
to find new molecules
what is now needed
needs to be synthesized
"a pressing need" molecule
pressing problem
the question now
worthwhile synthetic

Sunday, July 17, 2005

inhibitors of beta-lactamases

There is a pressing need for novel, non-beta-lactam inhibitors of beta-lactamases to overcome antibiotic resistance.

A simple way to measure success is to monitor the inhibition of the hydrolysis of nitrocephin by a beta-lactamase using UV-vis.

Search: "a pressing need" in the chemistry section of Scirus
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