Monday, July 21, 2008

Cameron Neylon's Interactive Talk Tomorrow

There's going to be tons of liveblogging and FriendFeed action at Cameron's talk on Open Notebook Science tomorrow. For those on the US East coast that is 7:45 AM:
Tomorrow I am giving a talk at the UKOLN Institutional Web Managers workshop starting at 12:45 British Summer Time (GMT+1). In principle you will be able to see the talk video cast at the links on the video streaming page. The page also has a liveblogging tool (OpenID enabled apparently!). I won’t be liveblogging my own talk but I will be attempting to respond to comments or questions either on that tool, via FriendFeed, or @cameronneylon on Twitter. I make no promises that this will work but if it all fails then I will record a live screencast.


At 5:55 AM, Blogger redpetre said...

The page also has a liveblogging tool (OpenID enabled apparently!)


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