Tuesday, October 17, 2006

UsefulChem at NERM 2006

I have the great privilege to be the vice president of Drexel's ACS-Student Affiliates organization. Back in August, I was tipped off that, to entice ACS-SA groups to go to the NERM in Binghamton NY, there was going to be a $200 travel grant given to the first 8 who registered with the intension of presenting a poster. Well, this was not a difficult decision, especially since Binghamton was not far and the grant could go to other applications besides travel reimbursement...like a trip to the MARM in May :)
Anyway, it was a pretty good experience. The president elect, Catherine Hunt gave a really great talk and we are currently attempting to get her to come to Drexel to speak. Check out the Drexel ACS-SA website for further developments.
I put a link to the poster I presented so it is attached for anyone to take a look at along with a pic of yours truly doing a pose in front of it. Sorry it is cheesy. Unfortunately the lighting in the hall wasn't great, and it was at this point I thought to myself that a different color font would have been better. There were no judges so I just explained it to anyone who wanted me to or to anyone who was thoroughly confused... Basically I gave further insight to the DOPAL chronicles, and Ugi trial and errors that Khalid and myself have been through. I also mentioned that we are partnered with Beth Ritter-Guth and The UsefulChem writing partners to try an make what we do easier for everyone to understand. Also how we have become more automated with our CMLRSS feed thanks to Dave Strumfels...so check it out!

UsefulChem NERM ppt slides

Left to right: me, Leslie Mann (ACS-SA Secretary), Pereen Ghayal (ACS-SA President)

Yes the flash was not on, but What am I pointing to?...I think it is the Molecules Blog


At 10:23 PM, Blogger Beth Ritter-Guth said...


Your posters are lovely (I squinted and could see perfectly). Do you have these posters around somewhere; I would like to see them when i stop down in a few weeks.


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