Monday, January 16, 2006

Next step in automation

As we get more compounds into the UsefulChem-Molecules blog, automation will become more important. What we would like to know are things like how many compounds have non-zero entries in Chmoogle or QueryChem and list only those compounds, which compounds do not have CAS numbers, which compounds are missing commercial sources, etc.

Ruslan has been working on this type of processing but unfortunately it is in Perl, which is inconvenient for our current team members, who have little programming experience. What would be nice is the translation of this type of code to VBA for Excel. This is a strategy that we used extensively in a prior project and I think it would work as well here because it just involves opening Excel, clicking on a button and retrieving the resulting list in a worksheet.

Hopefully we'll come across somebody with VBA experience willing to help.

Also, to anyone who is processing the molecules blog, don't hesitate to describe the kind of automation that would make your job easier.


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