Sunday, May 08, 2011

Collaboration using Open Notebook Science in Academia book chapter

I am very pleased to report that the book chapter that I co-wrote with Andrew Lang, Steve Koch and Cameron Neylon is now available online: Collaboration using Open Notebook Science in Academia. This is the 25th chapter of Collaborative Computational Technologies for Biomedical Research, edited by Sean Ekins, Maggie Hupcey, Antony Williams and Alpheus Bingham.

Our chapter provides some fairly detailed examples of how Open Notebook Science can be used to enhance collaboration between researchers from both similar or distant fields. It also suggests certain paths towards machine/human collaboration in science. Hopefully it will encourage researchers who have an interest in Open Science to experiment with some of the tools and strategies mentioned.

I am also grateful to Wiley for choosing our chapter as the free online sample for the book!
This book discusses the state-of-the-art collaborative and computing techniques for the pharmaceutical industry, the present and future implications and opportunities to advance healthcare research. The book tackles problems thoroughly, from both the human collaborative and the data and informatics side, and is very relevant to the day-to-day activities running a laboratory or a collaborative R&D project. It can be applied to help organizations make critical decisions about managing drug discovery and development partnership. The book follows a “man- methods-machine” format with sections on how to get people to collaborate, collaborative methods, and computational tools for collaboration. This book offers the reader a “getting started guide” or instruction on “how to collaborate” for new laboratories, new companies, and new partnerships, as well as a user manual for how to troubleshoot existing collaborations.

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