Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Second ChemInfo Retrieval Class

We had our second class on Chemical Information Retrieval on October 1, 2009 (see screencast here). I spent some time on technical aspects of Wikispaces then introduced topics relating to publishing in chemistry - and science in general. This included primary and secondary/tertiary sources, Open Access, copyright and Web2.0. The associated wiki page is currently just an outline and will get filled with details as students do assignments.

The student projects are coming along nicely. They have been recording the progress of their research on log pages, which I'm finding useful to give feedback. Among the interesting projects being fleshed out are green tea, DMT and trace amine receptors, caffeine, cytochrome C and liposome binding, beer and the psychoactive ingredients in chocolate. I love classes where the instructor learns as much as the students!

If anyone has suggestions for good information sources on these topics please feel free to leave comments.

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