Monday, August 04, 2008

Solubility and 96 well Ugi plates

Following up on the objectives I outlined last week concerning making progress on our ability to model solubility and Ugi product precipitation, I have created a spreadsheet for solubility and one for 96 well plates for quick screening of Ugi product precipitation.

Both spreadsheets are open for crowdsourcing. Anyone requesting a solubility or Ugi reaction must include their name and rationale. We'll prioritize the runs based on chemical availability and fit with ongoing projects.

The solubility runs will be carried out by evaporating 1 ml of a saturated solution of the given compound and solvent using the SpeedVac in the Owens lab.

Unless otherwise stated the Ugi screening runs will consist of 50 microliters from 2 M methanol solutions of the specified amine, aldehyde, acid and isonitrile. The 96 well plates we are using hold about 300 microliters and have a flat transparent bottom ideal for scanning or photography. Precipitate detection will take place 16 hours after mixing. As I discussed previously, this standardization should facilitate modeling and speed up testing.

I have briefed our new undergraduate researchers Aneta and Cedric last week and they will start with the solubility runs.

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