Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Internet-based tools for communication and collaboration in chemistry

Antony Williams just published an article in Drug Discovery Today:
Internet-based tools for communication and collaboration in chemistry

Web-based technologies, coupled with a drive for improved communication between scientists, have resulted in the proliferation of scientific opinion, data and knowledge at an ever-increasing rate. The availability of tools to host wikis and blogs has provided the necessary building blocks for scientists with only a rudimentary understanding of computer software science to communicate to the masses. This newfound freedom has the ability to speed up research and sharing of results, develop extensive collaborations, conduct science in public, and in near-real time. The technologies supporting chemistry, while immature, are fast developing to support chemical structures and reactions, analytical data support and integration to related data sources via supporting software technologies. Communication in chemistry is already witnessing a new revolution.
There is a detailed description of UsefulChem with a screenshot of EXP148 on Figure 2, where one of our Ugi products is characterized. This is another fine example of extensive interlinking between the worlds of peer-reviewed literature and Web2.0 content, including making use of Nature Precedings in the references.

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