Friday, April 18, 2008

Scholar2Scholar Webcast and Report

The webcast from the Scholar2Scholar conference on April 16, 2008 is now available here. The general introductions start at 15:30, my intro by Jane Bryan starts at 19:08, my talk on "Enhancing Scientific Communication through Open Notebook Science" at 23:28 and the panel at 51:40 (after several minutes of dead audio unfortunately).

The panel consisted of Jean-Claude Bradley, Andre Brown, Nicole Engard, James Mitchell, Banu Onaral, Beth Ritter-Guth, and Scott Warnock.

Small round-table discussions followed and were diligently documented by the library folks. Their notes will be posted here on the wiki.

Overall it was a very well organized and productive event. I was impressed by the level of engagement by the participants at my round table and I expect future projects to evolve from these discussions.

I especially thank Jay Bhatt and Anita Chiodo for setting the process in motion a few months ago!

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