Monday, August 20, 2007

JSpecView problem with Java Update

Under Windows XP, updating to JAVA 1.6.02 will break JSpecView.

This is a major problem for UsefulChem users who depend on viewing NMRs with the software.

Don't update until a fix is in place. If you have updated already, you'll need to switch back to version 1.6.01 - thanks to Robert Lancashire for the tip.


At 3:56 AM, Blogger Egon Willighagen said...

What problems are found? Just tried is on Kubuntu Gutsy (beta) with Java 1_6_02 via Firefox, and that makes it hang and consume 100% of the processor.

At 6:00 AM, Blogger Jean-Claude Bradley said...

Trying to view any JCAMP file with JSpecView fails, at least on XP
For example

just puts an X in the place where the spectrum should appear


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