Thursday, April 08, 2010

Scientists Embrace Openness Article in Science Careers

Chelsea Wald just published an article in Science Careers: Scientists Embrace Openness (April 9, 2010). She interviewed several people in the Open Science movement including Jonathan Eisen, Steve Koch, Anthony Salvagno, Carl Boettiger and myself.

The article covers Open Notebook Science, Open Data and associated themes. I think it presents a view of the most commonly discussed advantages and disadvantages very well.

One section was particularly relevant to an issue I recently posted about - (and discussed on FriendFeed):
Open Notebook Science advocates claim that being open may protect a scientist's ideas rather than exposing them to theft. Newton's decision to conceal his findings within an anagram made it harder for him to prove priority over rival Gottfried Leibniz. Open Notebook scientists say all they need to do is point to their open notebooks to show that they had an idea or found a result first.

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