Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ONS Books Wiki

I recently reported on our use of Nature Precedings to archive different editions of the ONS Solubility Challenge book. One of the advantages is that Precedings automatically alerts visitors if more recent editions exist.

However, today I learned that there is a glitch to this system: it is not possible to link individual versions on Precedings to a corresponding book edition on LuLu. That means that if you find yourself on the Nature Precedings entry and want to order the book from LuLu it isn't obvious at all how to do so.

To resolve this issue once and for all I just created a wiki page (ONSbooks.wikispaces.com) to track every edition of the book. This is actually better because I can also provide links to all the available data archives and blog posts corresponding to each edition.

This is also the page where we will keep track of every edition of other Open Notebook Science books. The next one to be published shortly is for the UsefulChem project.

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