Friday, April 30, 2010

NMR integration web service expanded

The ONS Challenge has extensively used a web service created by Andrew Lang to automatically calculate solubility from NMR spectra. One of the constraints of the service was that the JCAMP-DX file had to be deposited in a special folder on a server at Drexel.

Andy has now modified the script so that the JCAMP-DX file can be located anywhere on the internet. I have prepared a modified Google Spreadsheet to serve as a template for SAMS calculations (Semi-Automated Measurement of Solubility). Simply enter the url to the JCAMP-DX file in the appropriate column and fill in the ppm ranges and corresponding hydrogen numbers for the solvent and solute, and molecular weight and density data. (The predicted density of solids can be found on Chemspider). The concentration of the solute will then be automatically calculated based on an assumption of volume additivity.

The web service (which handles baseline correction) could be used for any other purpose involving the integration of spectra. Just make a copy of the Google Spreadsheet and modify.

Note that the JCAMP-DX files must be in XY format. If your instrument saves spectra in a compressed format they must be converted to XY. The desktop version of Robert Lancashire's JSpecView can be used to carry out the conversion.

This template spreadsheet also features a service in a cell to display the NMR spectrum by simply clicking on the link inside the cell. This is very handy because it obviates the need to create an HTML file which must normally accompany the JCAMP-DX file for viewing. Being able to quickly view a spectrum from a particular row within the Google Spreadsheet makes tracking data provenance very intuitive and errors easy to spot.

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