Friday, March 19, 2010

RSC Sponsors Open Notebook Science Challenge

I am very pleased to report that the Royal Society of Chemistry is sponsoring 5 new $500 awards for the Open Notebook Science Solubility Challenge.

The previous round of 10 awards was sponsored by Submeta, Nature and Sigma-Aldrich. With the final award of that round having been made in December 2009, this is very good timing.

The criteria and rules for the contest have not changed. Students from the US and the UK are generally eligible to participate. See the Rules and Application Form for full details:

All of the solubility measurements will continue to be compiled and distributed in several formats, including a book where biographies and pictures of all the award winners can be found. The most recent edition - with all 10 previous winners - is available here:

I am very grateful to Antony Williams for being instrumental in making this happen.

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