Thursday, March 18, 2010

Peer Review and Science2.0 Talk

On March 15, 2010 I spoke on "Peer Review and Science2.0: blogs, wikis and social networking sites" as a guest lecturer for the “Peer Review Culture in Scholarly Publication and Grantmaking” course at Drexel University. The main thrust of the presentation was that peer review alone is not capable of coping with the increasing flood of scientific information being generated and shared. I make arguments to show that providing sufficient proof for scientific findings does scale and weakens the tragedy of the trusted source cascade.

The students were mainly in a technical writing program. Lawrence Souder runs the course and has set up an impressive list of guest speakers this term. I think that these topics are at the core of what it is going to be like to write about science in the next few years. Communication channels and information sources are only going to multiply even more and learning how to navigate this evolving system will require effort and skill.

If they took anything away from my talk, I hope they question all their information sources - even those labeled by a particular group as a "trusted source".

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