Thursday, November 12, 2009

Liz Lyon on Open Science at web-scale

Liz Lyon from UKOLN has just published a JISC report on Open science at web-scale: Optimising participation and predictive potential. This is a very thorough 45 page document that will serve the Open Science community well as a reference for supporting open initiatives. UsefulChem and Open Notebook Science are covered in a balanced way I think.
This report has attempted to draw together and synthesise evidence and opinion associated with data-intensive open science from a wide range of sources. The potential impact of data-intensive open science on research practice and research outcomes, is both substantive and far-reaching. There are implications for funding organisations, for research and information communities and for higher education institutions.

The original specification for the work was highly selective in its choice of areas to study, and this Report addresses only three of these areas in any depth:

* open science including open notebook science : making methodologies, data and results available on the Internet, through transparent working practices
* citizen science including volunteer computing : where volunteers who may not have scientific training, perform or manage research-related tasks such as observation, measurement or computation
* predictive science : data-driven science which enables the forecasting, anticipation or prediction of specific outcomes.



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