Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spectral Game talk at ACS Fall 09

Yesterday (August 17, 2009) I gave my talk on the Spectral Game at the Using Technology to Enhance Learning in Organic Chemistry symposium at the American Chemical Society meeting. I was not able to attend the entire symposium but luckily I did catch David Soulby's talk on using Google groups to distribute NMRs for labs that require many students to submit samples. I am a fan of using free and hosted services to simplify workflows of all types.

Also in attendance at the symposium were Liz Dorland and Bob Hanson. It was good to catch up with them. Bob shared a story of how he has been assigning his students tasks in his organic chemistry class which lead to updating Wikipedia. There is so much potential for using the educational infrastructure to create better scientific content for everyone.

My talk on the Spectral Game highlighted the role of openness in teaching and research to create new educational tools, especially for learning NMR. Tony Williams said a few words at the end about ChemSpider, RSC and some upcoming opportunities to publish synthesis articles on ChemSpider.

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