Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Open Notebook Science talk at NASA in April 09

I will be speaking at the Goddard Space Flight Center at 11:00 on April 15, 2009. NASA has a long history of sharing data and it will be interesting to see how their experience compares with what we have been doing in chemistry. Certainly the much larger amount of telescope generated data presents different problems and opportunities.

Crowdsourcing solubility measurements using Open Notebook Science

Jean-Claude Bradley

The use of Open Notebook Science to collect and make publicly available non-aqueous solubility measurements will be described. This involves the real time sharing of all experiments and associated raw data by a community of collaborators who are geographically distributed and may have never communicated using channels other than this project. Monthly cash prizes are awarded to participating students by means of the ONS Challenge Submeta Awards. The laboratory notebook pages are recorded on a public wiki and the solubility measurements, including relevant calculations, are stored in public Google Spreadsheets. A combination of ChemSpider, the GoogleDoc visualization API and web services is used to enable flexible searching and display of desired subsets of the data.

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