Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Submeta Open Notebook Science Awards!

I am proud to announce that submeta is sponsoring TEN $500 (USD) Open Notebook Science awards as part of the ONS challenge to measure the solubility of compounds in non-aqueous solvents. Submeta follows Sigma-Aldrich as a sponsor for the project. Drexel University is managing the award distribution.

The idea was to make this available as widely as possible. However, because of legal issues, we were not able to make this open to everyone - only students from the US and UK are eligible. (see here for the complete rules).

I will be posting the list of judges shortly on the ONSchallenge wiki. They will be judging the process as much as the product and hopefully enable us to have a true ongoing peer-reviewed Open Notebook in chemistry.

This all came about from a FriendFeed conversation started by Bill Hooker a few months ago.

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