Monday, September 22, 2008

Mettler-Toledo Webinar on Ugi Reaction

I am presenting a webinar courtesy of Mettler-Toledo tomorrow - Optimization of a Ugi Reaction Using MiniBlock® - presented by Dr. Jean-Claude Bradley of Drexel University taking place tomorrow, Tuesday, September 23 at 9am and 2pm US EDT. If you have not already registered, click here. (See related Nature Precedings report)

The Ugi reaction involves the mixing of four components: an aldehyde, an amine, a carboxylic acid, and an isonitrile. The Ugi reaction is a convenient reaction to generate diverse libraries and has been used in the past to generate antimalarial compounds. The particular Ugi reaction that we consider involves the reaction of furfurylamine, benzaldehyde, boc-glycine and t-butylisonitrile. This reaction produces a Ugi product as a precipitate when run at 0.5M concentration in methanol. We will describe the optimization of this reaction by varying the solvent, concentration, and excess of some reagents.

This webinar will last for 30 minutes and at the end there will be an interactive Q&A session providing you with the opportunity to ask questions relevant to your particular application.

Register for the webinar on Tuesday, September 23.

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