Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scholar2Scholar Tomorrow

The Scholar2Scholar conference is upon us. Jay Bhatt and Anita Chiodo did an amazing job with organizing this from the start. I'll be giving the introductory talk on "Enhancing Scientific Communication through Open Notebook Science". Here are the slides - I'm starting with an introduction to Web2.0 using FriendFeed as an example.

date: April 16, 2008 8:30-1:30
location: Drexel University Bossone Lobby

Join us to discuss how Web2.0 is changing scholarship. Dr. Jean-Claude Bradley will give a presentation, followed by a panel discussion featuring: Andre Brown, Nicole Engard, James Mitchell, Banu Onaral, Beth Ritter-Guth, and Scott Warnock. Small round-table discussions will follow. An optional Dutch-treat lunch concludes the day.

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