Saturday, January 26, 2008

Andre Brown's Talk on Science2.0

From Bora Zivkovic's A Blog around the Clock:

Here is a video of SPARC-ACRL Forum '08 on 12 January, 2008 at the Pennyslvania Convention Center in Philadelphia:

The SPARC-ACRL Forum at ALA '08 entitled "Working with the Facebook generation: Engaging students views on access to scholarship." Panelists discuss the merits of student activism, patent reform, blogs as a communication medium for scientists, and students as active members of a discussion about the right to access information for scholarly work. Features Andre Brown, Nelson Pavlosky, Stephanie Wang, and Kimberly Douglas as panelists.

Pay particular attention to Andre Brown and minutes 42-55 as he talks about science blogs and Science 2.0 including
mentions of all the usual suspects (Jean-Claude Bradley, Rosie Redfield, Reed Cartwright, Bill Hooker, Peter Suber and me):

SPARC-ACRL Forum '08 from Matt Agnello on Vimeo.

Andre Brown does a really good job of summarizing the key points of the potential of social software in communicating primary research.

UsefulChem gets a mention around minute 50 and Gus Rosania is used as an example of how blogging about science can facilitate collaboration (minute 52).

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