Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cameron Neylon's ONS Proposal to Collaborate

Cameron is looking for an Open Notebook Science collaborator - any takers in the molecular biology world?

We will send the reagents to anyone who would like to do the experiments along with any further information required. In principle people ought to be able to figure out everything they need from the lab book but this will probably not be the case in practise. The idea here is to see whether this notion of a loose collaboration of groups with different resources and expertise that is driven by the science can work and whether it is a competitive way of doing science.

My criteria in accepting collaborators will be as follows:

Willingness to adopt an Open Notebook Science approach for this experiment (ideally using our lab book system but not necessarily)
Interest in and willingness to engage in the development of the published paper
(including proposing and/or carrying out any new experiments that would be cool to include)
Ability to actually carry out the experiment in reasonable time (ideally looking for a couple of months here)

So this is notionally a win-win situation for me. We will be getting on and doing our own thing as well but by working with other groups we may be able to get this paper out more efficiently and effectively. Maybe others will come up with clever experiments that would add to the value of the paper. The worst case scenario is that someone comes along and sees this, copies the results, and publishes ahead of
us. The best case scenario is that someone else already working in a similar direction may come across this and propose working together on this.


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