Thursday, August 30, 2007

SciFoo Lives On Upgrade and Wiki

There have been a few additions to the SciFoo Lives On area on Nature Island in Second Life.

The area has been divided into 36 numbered plots and most posters from the first two sessions have been moved to fill the first 10 spots. Posters for future sessions will be added sequentially as they are created. (Thanks to Eloise and Beth for help with this!)

This makes the area much more appealing and permits regular poster sessions where people can meet at any time to present and discuss. I have been a huge fan of the effectiveness of poster sessions in Second Life after my first experience. We will still do talks at the scheduled sessions but afterwards groups can break out to posters from any previous SciFoo Lives On session.

I have also created a wiki to keep track of dates and topics of past and future sessions. Presenters are welcome to record their names (Second Life and Real Life), affiliations and presentation titles next to their poster number.

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