Monday, July 16, 2007

Jeremiah's Open Notebook

Jeremiah Faith, a graduate student at the Bioinformatics Program at Boston University has recently made the jump into Open Notebook Science. His motivations resonate with me. As he says very nicely in his blog:

Science typically builds on the body of available knowledge - the more knowledge available the faster science goes. It's striking when you visit other labs in person; you see all of their unpublished work, and you know that most of their results and data won't be available to the bulk of the scientific community until a year after each particular scientific project is finished. By the time papers are in print, it's old news to the insiders. More striking is when you visit labs whose work you've thought about replicating and expanding on. It's not too uncommon to find that only one person in the entire lab is able to get the technique to work, and even for him the technique only works on Wednesdays. This type of information would be useful to know before you embark on a useless three months trying to adapt their method. But scientific publications are covered in a thick coat of high-gloss finish, making these unacknowledged difficulties hard to detect.
His notebook is currently available as a 300 page PDF file.


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