Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Heather's Notes on Open Notebook Science

Heather Piwowar has collected an impressive set of notes on Open Notebook Science. From her blog post:

In anticipation of the ISMB BoF session on Open Notebook Science (ONS),I’m trying to come up to speed on ONS discourse. In between ISMBsessions, I’ve started consolidating snippets of blogposts and articles discussing ONS into a single document (in the open here). It obviously relies heavily on work from Bill Hooker and Jean-Claude Bradley: Thank you. Following the advice to“make a mess in your zero draft,” the current version isn’t very good reading. I have many more links to comb, and then I’ll start pulling it together and making a first-draft (aka human-readable version). I’ll post again once it gets to that state.


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