Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Praise for OrgList

Although there has been a lot of attention lately on chemistry blogs, lets not forget about the old school technologies like mailing lists.

We have been having problems with the stink of gloves and glassware exposed to benzyl isonitrile that we use routinely in our Ugi reactions. Alicia posted this to OrgList and within minutes we got some great advice from Oliver Kern:
Best thing in my experience is to keep a bath of MeOH/conc.HCl(~2:1) in your fume hood and wash everything in that before you take anything out of the fume hood. An acid wash will destroy the isocyanides , i.e.hydrolyse them to the formamide or amine and thus eliminate the smell. Very occasionally you may find that you have leave things to soak in the bath over night - but usually this is not necessary. You'll find the more rigorous your wash and containment routine is with isocyanides the happier your lab-mates will be!

and from S.K.Adhikari:
All gloves, glasswares and contaminated materials can be conveniently dumped in a 10% aqueous solution of Ferrous Sulphate (commercial) kept in a HDPE drum. Keep for 10 mts, wash with water.Some suggest dil Hypochlorite ( but certainly I do not prefer )
You can test to satisfaction.

Try getting that from a commercial database or peer reviewed article!


At 3:22 AM, Blogger Dave Bradley said...

Yes, discussion lists are still going strong. I like to scan CHEMED-L and CHMINF-L at least once a week, and there are others...

Indeed, they probably reach a far wider and larger readership than any individual blog (even this one!).

I wonder though whether there might be a way to integrate specific blogs into such discussion groups automatically. Perhaps summary posts from a blog like Usefulchem could be triggered on a weekly basis and posted automatically to the OrgList for instance. It would be possible with a Wordpress blog, but I'm not sure Blogger/Blogspot blogs are quite as powerful. But, there might be a way, nevertheless.


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