Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Experiments blog

I have set up a separate blog to put all experimental details for the UsefulChem project, at least for experiments done in my lab. The plan is to use about 300 posts per Blogger blog as one laboratory notebook. Each post is one experiment and open for comment.

We'll continue to use this blog to talk about syntheses and problems that we are having.

Right now Alicia, Brett and James are still working on the conversion of adrenaline to the key catechol aldehyde we will need for many of the syntheses of the diketopiperazines. We don't currently have access to NMR so we are attempting to monitor the conversion by IR and hopefully today GC-MS. We have a room full of new powerful equipment (like LC-MS) that will be available in the next few weeks so synthesis should get easier.


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