Tuesday, November 01, 2005

HIV protease inhibitors

"For over a decade, attempts to find new efficient inhibitors have attracted and absorbed the curiosity, talents, and energy of many scientists"

An Old Target Revisited: Two New Privileged Skeletons and an Unexpected Binding Mode For HIV-Protease Inhibitors, Angewandte Chemie International Edition Volume 44, Issue 20 , Pages 3140 - 3144 Edgar Specker, Dr. 1, Jark Böttcher 1, Hauke Lilie, Dr. 2, Andreas Heine, Dr. 1, Andreas Schoop, Dr. 3, Gerhard Müller, Dr. 4, Nils Griebenow, Dr. 5, Gerhard Klebe, Prof. 1 *

New inhibitors of HIV protease are needed to find new AIDS treatments. In this article the crystal structures of protease - ligand complexes are used to show the binding site.

"to find new" Google Scholar, 2005, Chemistry


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